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2007 Archives


6 Dec 2007

Re-coding In Progress » Read Post

I am working on going through each and every line of code to make the site compatable with IE. I am also tweaking a few graphics and adding a little more functionality as I'm knee-deep in code. Most sections wont work right now, but I will post the pages and more info as I get them out.

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28 Jul 2007

Browser Compatibility Issues {update} » Read Post

I have decided to re-use this look & feel and rebuild the code from the ground up. I started working on it last night and made better progress than I though I was going to. I am hoping to have the entire site IE "friendly" by the end of this weekend!

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27 Jul 2007

Browser Compatibility Issues » Read Post

For all who visit this site, it is still under construction and I add as many new features as time allows. With that said, I must make a confession. I built this site using only FireFox as my test browser. It has been pointed out many times that this site looses alot of functionality when viewed with Internet Explorer. For all you IE users out there, I appologize. But seriously, go get a real frickin' web browser!

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27 Jul 2007

New Photo Gallery Functionality » Read Post

I have added some fancy new functionality to my photo gallery so you can now rate each photo from 1-5. I will be storing these ratings so I can eventually display the highest rated photos on my site.

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