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1 Dec 2010

The Smell of War » Read Post

Picture for: The Smell of War

On Thanksgiving Day, we had 18 people over to the house. There was lots of food and we all had a really great time. Rick deepfried a turkey, Jaymie cooked another in the oven, and everyone else brought over all sorts of different dishes. Lots of GOOD food was had that night.

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29 Nov 2010

Candid Camera » Read Post

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We have been busy. Very busy. However, that is no excuse for my lack of posts AND pictures. I have to start taking more pictures of my everyday life, and get back into the Daily Addison thing. Stay tuned.

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30 Sep 2010

10 Songs Guaranteed To Get You Laid » Read Post

Picture for: 10 Songs Guaranteed To Get You Laid

I'm a lover of all music, but especially of that genre dubbed "Knocking Boots" which is said to be a combination of soul, funk, and Boone's Farm. If you're looking for an unwanted pregnancy, look no further than these golden oldens.

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24 Sep 2010

Site [re]Design? » Read Post

Picture for: Site [re]Design?

I am debating if I should redesign my site. I have had this layout for about 2 years now, and I am getting kind of bored with it. It took an amazing amount of work to write all the code, create all the graphics, and everything in-between, but the nice thing about a redesign is that I have all the content all ready. I just need to come up with a new layout and graphics. Don't get me wrong, I had alot of fun developing this layout.

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9 Sep 2010

How I Stay Digitally Organized: Digital Audio Files » Read Post

Picture for: How I Stay Digitally Organized: Digital Audio Files

As most of you know, my old media server crashed hard, and was unrecoverable. I lost over 250,000 songs, and countless other things. Being the IT geek that I am, it still boggles my mind that I did not have a backup plan for all that content. So, after learning the hard way, redundancy is key.

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27 Aug 2010

Fail... » Read Post

Picture for: Fail...

Yes, I once again have fallen off the blog wagon. I swear, I'm running as fast as I can to catch up. Check back soon and I will dazzle you with my big words, heart-felt paragraphs and amazing metaphors.

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3 Jun 2010

The Internets » Read Post

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I went to a local coffee shop for lunch today. After ordering my "usual", a large vanilla latte, I opened my laptop to check in on the latest from the Gulf Coast incident and other happenings around the world. About five minutes into reading more of the same, seemingly action-less response from BP and their entities, my eye caught a gal sitting in front of me doing the same thing I was.

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12 Mar 2010

Portland, Oregon » Read Post

Picture for: Portland, Oregon

I love this city. It seems like every few days there is something new that I discover or find that makes me feel even more at home.

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