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16 - 22 Sep 2007

Orcas Island » View Gallery

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Rick, Laura, Natalie & I drove north and met Dad & Steph on Orcas Island. More pictures and info coming soon...

17 - 19 Apr 2007

California & Arizona » View Gallery

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Dad, Step, Rick & I took a long weekend and played a few rounds of golf in Tempe. It was a great trip!

24 Dec 2006

Sick Puppy » View Gallery

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Tabor Dog was acting very strange all day, not being in the same room that I was in (he is always laying under my feet), etc... I found him out in the front room lying on the couch, shaking and breathing extremely shallow. At 12:30am on Christmas Eve, I decided to take him to Dove Lewis, and boy-oh-boy am I glad I did. When we walked in the door, I was greeted by a rather good looking receptionist named Beth who walked me through all the paperwork required to get Tabor looked at. As I sat and filled out the forms, Tabor started to poop on the floor, but it wasn't poop, it was pure blood. Beth saw the whole thing and hurried out to the waiting area and grabbed Tabor and hauled him behind the locked door. She came out a few minutes later and calmed me down and said a Vet was currently examining him. The vet's sedated him and they started an I.V. drip to get fluid in him since he was extremely dehydrated. After that they drew blood for several lab tests, and about 2 hours later came back with the results. He ended up having Gastroenteritis, which is caused by an inflammation of the stomach lining. My best guess is that he must have eaten something out in the backyard, mushrooms or something. They kept him overnight to keep an eye on him, so I ended up driving home that night to an empty bed. What a strange feeling. Tabor sleeps with me on the bed, and that's the first time he wasn't there in almost 2 years. I ended up picking him up the next evening and he had a little of his energy back. I was issued a special "soft" canned dog food that consisted of boiled rice and some other nasty smelling ingredients along with a week's worth of pills for him. He was back to 100% within 5 days. I never did get Beth's phone number :(

11 Nov 2006

Dad in Town » View Gallery

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Dad was in visiting for the weekend.

8 Oct 2006

Dad's Visit » View Gallery

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Dad was in town for the weekend.

10 Jun 2006

Dad's Visit » View Gallery

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Dad flew into town for a quick visit.

4 Mar 2005

Tabor's First Day Home » View Gallery

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I stopped by the shelter today and brought home a 3 month old Black Lab & Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. I named him Tabor after Mt. Tabor in Portland. He is a really great dog and I can't wait to take him out hiking and camping with me.

5 - 8 Sep 2004

Tillamook Fly Fishing » View Gallery

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Dad came into town for a few days and Rick & I took him out fly fishing for a day.

19 - 21 Aug 2004

Montana Fly Fishing Trip » View Gallery

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We drove to Montana for a nice relaxing weekend. We stayed on at the Ford Creek Ranch, which was a working ranch and had a great time.