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7 Oct 2007

36th Annual Portland Marathon » View Gallery

View gallery for: 36th Annual Portland Marathon

It was another succesful, albeit cold & windy, race day. We had a good turn out and the event was an overall success.

16 - 22 Sep 2007

Orcas Island » View Gallery

View gallery for: Orcas Island

Rick, Laura, Natalie & I drove north and met Dad & Steph on Orcas Island. More pictures and info coming soon...

16 Aug 2007

U.S. Bank Boat Cruise » View Gallery

View gallery for: U.S. Bank Boat Cruise

US Bank sponsored a boat cruise along the Willamette River in downtown Portland. We boarded the Crystal Dolphin near OMSI and headed south until we turned around near Marylhurst University. There were approximately 60 people who went today, and everyone had a great time.

12 Aug 2007

12th Annual Providence Bridge Pedal » View Gallery

View gallery for: 12th Annual Providence Bridge Pedal

This was the first time that I have participated in the Providence Bridge Pedal. This year they were expecting 20,000 registered bikers, and let me tell you, I think they nailed their mark.

Unfortunately, there was mass gridlock near many of the bridges. This meant that Doug (friend from work), myself, and thousands of other riders never made it across all 10 bridges.

One of the highlights of the day was when we were sitting amongst a few thousand riders waiting to get on the Ross Island Bridge when someone started "the wave", which quickly picked up steam and was pretty awesome to watch. It went back and forth across several city blocks 3 times!

2 - 5 Aug 2007

South Sister Summit » View Gallery

View gallery for: South Sister Summit

Tallest-Youngest-Highest-Largest. These are just a few of the words that describe South Sister and some of it's features.
It is the tallest of the Three Sisters, outdistancing both Middle Sister and North Sister. As well as being the third tallest mountain in the state of Oregon.
It is the youngest, geologically speaking having the most recent volcanic activity of the Three Sisters.
Highest describes the lake that sits right near the summit, Teardrop Pool, being the highest lake in Oregon.
Lastly, largest describes Prouty Glacier, holding the distinction for the largest glacier in Oregon.

To the North, awesome views of the neighboring Sisters await you at the summit. To the Southeast, Broken Top, Mount Bachelor, and Green Lakes are visible. Even Mount Hood, Mount Adams, and Mount Thielsen may be visible on a clear day.

15 Jul 2007

Bungee Jumping of 2007 » View Gallery

View gallery for: Bungee Jumping of 2007

Rob & I invited a bunch of US Bank friends to join us in jumping off a 280ft bridge, and live to tell the tail of it. Out of around 40 people, we had 7 people commit. It was alot of fun and it was definitely the talk of the office for a few weeks. This was my 7th, 8th and 9th jump; while Rob hit his 23rd jump!

Check out for more info on their bridge.

4 Jul 2007

Waterfront Blues Festival » First Day » View Gallery

View gallery for: Waterfront Blues Festival » First Day

Unfortunately I only went to the Blues Fest one day this year. I have been so busy lately, I have not had much fun time :(

30 - 1 Jun 2007

Panther Creek » View Gallery

View gallery for: Panther Creek

I went out drinking on a Friday night and when I woke up Saturday with a wicked hangover, I decided that I needed to go camping to clear my head.

15 - 16 Jun 2007

Mt. Adams » View Gallery

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Bruce Trail, a friend from work, and I attempted to summit Mt. Adams. This was my first attempt to ever summit a mountain, and I knew this would be a challenge. Our trailhead was at 5,000 feet and the summit is at 12,276 feet elevation. We initially planned to setup basecamp at Lunch Counter, 9,000 feet, but were unable to make it that far due to the sun quickly setting. So, we setup camp just above 7,800 feet and would attempt to summit the next day. We never made it due to a fast moving storm that took us by surprise, but we did make it to just above 10,000 feet. I was very, very happy with that milestone in my life.

14 Jun 2007

A Study in Macro » View Gallery

View gallery for: A Study in Macro

Just a few shot's while I am trying to study macro photography more.

25 - 29 May 2007

2nd Annual Eastern Oregon Trip » View Gallery

View gallery for: 2nd Annual Eastern Oregon Trip

We took off around noon on Friday and drove 7 hours east for our annual Eastern Oregon Trip. We spent the first night car camping near the Grande Ronde River. The next morning we woke up, packed up camp, jumped in my truck and went to start it, nothing... It turns out that I must have left something on and it slowly drained my battery. We ended up being stuck for about 4 hours, which turned out to be a nice relaxing time.

We eventually made it to our second destination, Buckhorn Springs. It was a pretty busy camping spot, as there was a lot of car traffic going by a road not too far from where we setup camp. The weather was very strange when we stayed here. The first day was fairly warm with clear skies, but as we woke up the next morning it was snowing and bitterly cold. We eventually made the easy hike up to Buckhorn Lookout and it had some amazing views of the Imnaha Canyonlands. I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but every picture that I have seen of it looked very similar to this.

On Monday we drove about 2 hours down to the Imnaha River Trailhead in Hells Canyon. We backpacked in just over 5 miles and found one of the most amazing camp spots. It was a very remote area with a huge sandy beach right on the Imnaha River, near the Eureka Bar. We spent most the time just relaxing, swimming and catching a few rays. It was in the high 90's, so the river felt great. As we were hiking out the next day, I came across 2 baby rattlesnakes and a bull snake. The first rattler just scurried across the trail, but the second one did not like me being there. He was about 15 feet from me and rattled for about 45 seconds while I stood there motionless. I'm not a fan of snakes; in fact, I don't like them at all. But this is snake country, so you just have to be careful and deal with it the best you can :)

17 - 19 Apr 2007

California & Arizona » View Gallery

View gallery for: California & Arizona

Dad, Step, Rick & I took a long weekend and played a few rounds of golf in Tempe. It was a great trip!

15 Apr 2007

Clackamas River Trail #715 » View Gallery

View gallery for: Clackamas River Trail #715

Rob, Willow, Allie & Cayce (Willow's mom) decided to take me out for a nice day hike along the Clackamas River. It was a really nice and easy hike, but took us forever since a member of our group kept stopping about every 15 minutes for a "break" :)

8 Apr 2007

Wahkeena Falls & Oneonta Gorge » View Gallery

View gallery for: Wahkeena Falls & Oneonta Gorge

Rob, Willow and I took Jason & Chaleene out for their first hike since they moved to Oregon.

6 Apr 2007

Dog Mountain » View Gallery

View gallery for: Dog Mountain

Tabor & I jumped in the truck and took a quick trip up Dog Mountain.

1 Apr 2007

Larch Mountain » View Gallery

View gallery for: Larch Mountain

The sun poked it's head out for a bit today so I decided to grab Tabor Dog and run up to Larch Mountain.

1 Mar 2007

Novara Big Buzz 2007 » View Gallery

View gallery for: Novara Big Buzz 2007

After riding my mountain bike to work for 3 months, I was able to save enough money to get a nice road bike. I chose this one because it had all the things that I was looking for in a roadie; disc brakes for quick stops in the rain, 700cc tires for much needed speed, and flatbar handlebars for comfort. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I take this out on the road :-)

11 Feb 2007

Worst Day of the Year Ride » View Gallery

View gallery for: Worst Day of the Year Ride

The Worst Day of the Year Ride is an 18-mile odyssey around downtown Portland that has quickly become a quirky annual tradition.

16 Jan 2007

Snow Days! » View Gallery

View gallery for: Snow Days!

We had a freak snowstorm that dropped about 4 inches of snow on the ground. The dogs had a great time running and playing in it.

14 Jan 2007

10,000 Acres Park » View Gallery

View gallery for: 10,000 Acres Park

Tabor dog was feeling much better and is finally back to 90-95% his normal energy. As a well deserved treat, we went out to 10,000 acres and played for a few hours.