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Media » Video » TV » Digital » Enlightened (Season 2)


Season: 2

Episodes: 8

Season Start: Jan 13th, 2013

Season End: Mar 3rd, 2013

Part Of: Enlightened Collection

Rated: TV-MA

Resolution: HD

Subtitles: Soft

Runtime: 30 minutes

Disc Count: 2

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IMDB: Link


Enlightened follows the story of Amy, a self-destructive executive, who, after a very public breakdown and a subsequent philosophical awakening in rehabilitation, tries to get her life back together.

Episode List

The Key
Looking for "the key" to ruin Abaddonn and "free" its employees, Amy orchestrates a meeting with Jeff Flender, a charming whistle-blowing journalist, sharing incriminating e-mails she printed out at work with Tyler's IT password. Though he doesn't find a story in the e-mails, Jeff encourages Amy to dig deeper and find more explosive evidence that could help bring down the company. Aired: January 13th, 2013
Director: Nicole Holofcener
Writer: Mike White
Guest Stars: Dermot Mulroney
Revenge Play
Amy and a still-reluctant Tyler meet Jeff at a jazz club, where he reveals he's already been working on a story about Abaddonn but needs proof of bribery, leading Amy to revel in her fantasies. When several top execs can't log onto their accounts, Abaddonn's breach of security is exposed, leaving Tyler scrambling to find a solution that won't lead investigators to him or Amy. Suspecting foul play, Dougie vows to root out the true perps, while Krista is rushed to the hospital with a pregnancy complication. Aired: January 20th, 2013
Director: Mike White
Writer: Mike White
Guest Stars: Dermot Mulroney
Higher Power
Amy receives a letter from Levi, who's still in Hawaii and has been bristling under the constraints of Open Air, its holistic philosophy and his bodily-function obsessed roommate Tony. To cope, Levi escapes with a pair of fellow malcontents, Travis and Danielle, for a night of drugs, alcohol and debauchery at a nearby hotel. After pushing himself to his hard-partying limits, Levi decides he's ready to return to Open Air and give rehab one more chance. Aired: January 27th, 2013
Director: Mike White
Writer: Mike White
Guest Stars: Christopher Douglas Reed, Christopher Abbott, Ashley Hinshaw
Follow Me
Amy's inspired by social media; Dougie rethinks his position on the security breach. Aired: February 2nd, 2013
Director: Mike White
Writer: Mike White
The Ghost is Seen
Not satisfied with the lack of progress in finding evidence against Abaddonn, Amy decides to use someone close to the CEO to get to the information. Therefore Tyler is tasked with approaching the secretary of the CEO to gain access to her computer, but ends up getting closer than first intended. Aired: February 10th, 2013
All I Ever Wanted
In the giddy afterglow of finding "gold" in Szidon's personal emails, Amy lets down her guard with Jeff, and indulges herself in daydreams of building a perfect life with a dashing journalist. The dream comes to an abrupt end, however, when Levi unexpectedly returns from rehab in Hawaii. Aired: February 17th, 2013
No Doubt
Tyler pushes Eileen to get Amy a meeting with Abaddonn's president, Charles Szidon. Aired: February 24th, 2013
Agent of Change
Before Jeff's exposé article appears, a guilt-wracked Tyler confesses to Eileen. Amy's brought before Charles Szidon to explain herself. Aired: March 3rd, 2013